Which Bots to Follow to stay updated about DeFi

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There are several bots that allow users to stay up to date on news, information or innovations related to DeFi.

One of these is called “Mike the DeFi Bot”, and is a “100% autonomous” crypto bot that shares news, memes, DeFi whale transactions, and analyzes order books trying to predict the direction of prices.

Another bot, which simply retweets all the tweets containing the hashtag #DeFi, is the #DeFi bot, but there are even more interesting ones.

For example, Maker DAI Bot tweets information about DAI, particularly about liquidations, the main CDP tx transactions, and statistics about DAI.

Compound also has its own bot, called the Compound Finance Bot, which was created to automatically provide information about updated lending rates on the platform. It is a very active and up-to-date bot that shares alerts from the platform as well.

Cool bot

Synthetix had a bot, called the Synthetix Exchange Bot, but unfortunately, it is no longer active since December 2019, while that of Uniswap, Uniswap Bot, is active and very informative.

Unfortunately, not all DeFi platforms have a bot that automatically publishes information about their activities, and some have inactive ones. But among the main platforms, nearly all of them have one, and they are often very active and up to date.

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