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Tokensoft Brings Transparency And Integrity To Security Market

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According to the website of Tokensoft, their mission is to accelerate the adoption of Blockchain in financial markets. The firm which started in 2017, after the builders noticed the chance to smoothen and enhance compliance and transfer modes connected with securities transactions pertaining. 

Their purpose is to induce transparency and integrity to assist the securities market globally. Therefore, TokenSoft empowers issuers, financial institutions, broker-dealers, real estate businesses, and mutual funds to satisfy compliance obligations for digital securities on the Blockchain at issuance, distribution, and transfer levels.

With a team that boasts of a combined 20 years and more experience in Blockchain technology, Tokensoft serves over ten thousand clientele in a day. So far, through the platform, $500 million has been raised by customers spreading around the world.  The project is on Ethereum but has its unique feature known as the ERC-1404. It is an open standard for security tokens, that help issuers to manage securities law compliance after the issuance.

They have prominent partners like DLA Pipers, EY and others. Meanwhile, prolific companies like Coinbase, e.Ventures, Base10 and money are investors in the project. Tokensoft is the only firm capable of managing tokenized securities with private keys deposited offline in cold storage. 

Solutions By Tokensoft

Tokensoft’s dedication to automates the fundraising and asset administration process spans in many fields. The software platform affords solutions to Enterprises, Financial Institutions and Assets Managers.


Tokensoft helps enterprises to scale the tedious barrier of raising funds at balance, universally, and at the same time preserves an uninterrupted association with their investors. The opportunity to have an international pool of investors makes it exciting since companies can raise capital from over 50 nations using just one platform.

The entire process is automation speeding up the subscription and saving enterprises money and time. At the moment, thousands of investors get processed daily.

In the Secondary market, transfers take place mostly on paper, which requires various individuals to approve a placement exchange. The Tokensoft mechanism smoothens the document supervision and compliance systems to realize automation to the secondary transfer means. 

Transfer agents operate as emissaries for companies in stock transactions. They are run pursuits like rendering stock transfer services, book entries, order reviews, proxy voting, dividend disbursement and providing reports to meet regulative and tax responsibilities.

The platform is in a fashion where all the cardinal elements needed for an automated investment bank is readily available. Companies receive the essential assistance to run an IPO by distributing shares on the Blockchain. 

Assets Managers:

When it comes to Assets Managers, Tokensoft maintains, they assist them in handling investors from subscription to communications to secondary transfers with ease. Now managers using the platform can onboard investors and undertake subscriptions without interference. 

At the same time, it creates the room to raise funds for individual and multiple funds while running investor and subscription data in one place. Managers using Tokensoft can furnish their investors with an option to increase fund visibility. 

Moreover, they have the liberty to engage the platform to soothe investor relations, clarify reporting, while streamlining secondary transfer systems. The whole approach brings relief and competence in the way fund managers administer their business.

Financial Institutions:

Again, Tokensoft automates the fundraising and investor management and streamlines the auxiliary transfer process for financial institutions as well. There are tools for them to lower cost and enhance complying with the rules by customers.

The Blockchain actualizes digitization of financial products and service to bring overheads down. Further, customers and assets can be managed in one portal while making legal standards straightforward. 

Most importantly, banks can integrate Blockchain into their regulated environment to achieve optimum productivity. Tokensoft urges financial institutions to harness its technology and expertise to be in the market speedily in every country irrespective of the compliance provisions.

Knox Wallet

This wallet is a groundbreaking work in Cryptospher in terms of non-custodial and security. Knox Wallet is the first cold storage multi-signature Ethereum wallet that is mobile-first to support clients self-custody sales yields during a token sale campaign. 

As a custom fork of MyEtherWallet, the goal is to put clients in charge of their funds. It embodies a solution for securing digital securities and assets. There are many levels of verification required to validate transactions, combined with cryptographic authentication.

To learn more about Tokensoft, join them on Twitter, Linkedin and Medium. Check out their source codes on Github.

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