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The best crypto debit cards of 2020

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Best Crypto Debit Cards of 2020

Although initially both MasterCard and VISA were a bit strict towards crypto debit cards, over the last 2 years both companies have decided to grant several licenses to crypto companies to provide debit cards to their customers. Hence, if until a few years ago it seemed impossible to spend or withdraw cash using Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies, in 2020 this operation has been really simplified thanks to the dozens of crypto cards on the market. Today we would like to present some of them, with some available only for certain countries and others available worldwide. Let’s get started!


MCO Obsidian CARD

At the moment the MCO VISA Card seems to be the best and also the most popular, due to the continuous marketing on social media and the various contests offered by the company. The MCO Card is available in several variants, starting from the basic one which is free, to the most expensive, the OBSIDIAN which requires 50,000 MCO tokens to be staked for 1 year! Here are the differences between the various MCO cards.

1) MCO Midnight Blue: This is the basic version, the free one. When using it you have access to 1% of crypto cashback, paid in MCO tokens. The limits are 2000 USD for the exchange, while the fees are 0 up to withdrawals of 200 USD. 

2) MCO Ruby Steel: The cost of this card involves staking 50 MCO. During the staking, you will have crypto cashback up to 2% and free access to Spotify. Even the limits are higher, i.e. up to 4000 USD for the exchange and fee-free withdrawals up to 400 USD.

3) MCO Jade Green and MCO Royal Indigo: 500 MCO have to be staked and the user receives 3% crypto cashback. The card also includes free Netflix and Spotify in addition to VIP Lounge access at airports, as well as withdrawals of up to $800 without fees and exchange limits of up to 10k USD!

4) MCO Icy White and MCO Frosted Rose Gold: The costs of these cards are very high, but also the benefits increase. To get one of these two cards it is necessary to stake 5,000 MCO tokens. The cashback is 4%, with a special 10% cashback on Expedia and annual free services like Netflix, Spotify and Amazon Prime. There is also access to the VIP Lounges of the airports for yourself and for another person. For withdrawals up to 1000 USD, there are no fees and the limits are really high: up to 20,000 USD for interbank exchange rates. There are also various bonuses that are introduced by from time to time.

5) MCO Obsidian: This is a special card designed for VIP users with an absurd cost: 50,000 MCO staked tokens! At the moment (May 27th, 2020) the MCO token is priced at $5.4, so you have to put about $270,000 in stake to get the Obsidian card. The benefits are obviously a lot, starting from a very high crypto cashback equal to 5%. As well as discounts on Airbnb and Expedia of 10% and free services like Netflix, Spotify and Amazon Prime. There are no exchange limits and withdrawals up to 1000 USD are free. In addition, there are other features thanks to business agreements with Private Jet Partnership and other bonuses.

Obviously, all these privileges are lost when you withdraw the staked tokens, so if you plan to use MCO debit cards then try to keep your tokens locked as much as possible. The accepted cryptocurrencies are many: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, MCO, BAT, BNB, TUSD (stablecoin), ENJ and others. As for fiat, it supports USD, GBP, HKD, EUR, JPY, SGD and AUD. Withdrawal fees are 2% (free up to the above-mentioned amounts).

The MCO VISA Card can be ordered by residents of the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Singapore and USA


Wirex Card

A company that has been present for years in the crypto sector with offices in Ukraine, Japan and the UK. Here too the card is issued by the VISA circuit and is intended for selected countries only. Wirex cards support various currencies such as USD, EUR and GBP.  The crypto cashback is not as high as other cards but still offers acceptable percentages ranging from 0.5% to 1.5%. Cards are available in both plastic and virtual versions. There are no costs for physical cards as they are sent free of charge to your address. 

Wirex has a 1% card top-up fee when it comes to digital currencies. Fees are 0% if you top up your card with traditional currencies. The limits are quite high as you can spend up to 10,000 USD for card payments or top up your card up to 5000 USD per day (for verified accounts of course). This is the complete list of currencies accepted by Wirex at this time: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, WXT, XLM, DAI, NANO, WLO, WAVES, USD, EUR, GBP, SGD, AUD, JPY, HKD, CZK, MXN, CAD, CHF.

Wirex also offers a referral program to invite your friends and earn $5 to $10 per person. 10 for friends from Europe and 5 USD for users from Singapore and the rest of the world. The Wirex company has an FCA license to operate legally, making the project seem safe from every point of view. Give it a try!


ADVCash Card

This crypto debit card will appeal to many as it is not just limited to European countries like many other companies but proposes a special card for the rest of the world. It’s called ADV World and it’s a card, with very high fees, that can be ordered also from often restricted countries like the Balkan countries, Eastern European countries and so on. Unfortunately, this particular card is only available in the USD version and, since in these countries there is usually only the local currency and EUR, the fees are very high. We are talking about 5.5% fees on non-USD withdrawals, so you will pay 55 Dollars to withdraw 1000. However, since there is not much choice and ADV World is perhaps a unique offer of its kind, this cost is justified! Withdrawal limits are very high, namely $5000 per day for the WORLD version of the card. The shipping cost is $14.99 but you can also choose DHL by paying a surplus (in this case the card arrives in 4-5 days). 

Advcash, in addition to the World card, also offers the standard card with lower fees. If you order the EUR card for example, you can pay in EUR at no extra charge. If you want to pay or withdraw in a currency other than EUR, the cost will be 2.95% (the same fees applied by most crypto debit card companies). Advcash allows us to deposit up to $250,000 per month. There are no monthly or annual maintenance fees as the company bases its income on various fees. The only thing missing in this case is a nice mobile APP since the website is not optimized for mobile devices. I have been using this card personally since January 2020 and I am really satisfied! Recommended for those who are not able to order cards because of restrictions in non-EU countries.


Monolith Card

A special card that ranks among the very best because in addition to the debit card it also offers various DeFi solutions. The card accepts the Ethereum currency and all ERC20 tokens in circulation. Among the supported FIAT currencies are EUR and GBP, so the card is currently only available for the EEA area (31 countries, i.e. those of the European Union and trading partners such as the UK). The Monolith card has no monthly costs or costs for activation and shipping. However, there are some fees that we will now mention.

When paying in a currency other than the currency of your card there will be a fee of 1.75%. For domestic withdrawals, i.e. in local currency, you will only pay GBP 0.75 or EUR 0.85 per withdrawal. The first 2 withdrawals of each month are free of charge. In Europe, fees go up a bit, reaching 1.2 GBP and 1.5 EUR per withdrawal (in case you use the GBP card to withdraw in countries where the main currency is EUR). For international withdrawals, the fees on each withdrawal, in addition to exchange fees (1.75%) are GBP 1.75 or EUR 2.0 per withdrawal. For card deposit, the fees are fixed and are 1%. These numbers are very good and perhaps among the lowest in the market. A card to check out immediately! The monolith card is connected to a non-custodial wallet and will soon also provide a European IBAN to receive your salary directly in DAI. 


Eidoo Card

The first 4 cards we talked about are already available and usable while Eidoo is still in the pre-order phase. It’s a card, as in the case of Monolith, connected to a non-custodial wallet (Eidoo App). Issued by VISA, at the moment the Eidoo card is available only in the UK + European Union countries. Currencies accepted are EUR and GBP for the moment. There are three different card types; Eidoo Basic, Eidoo Vip and Eidoo Black. To get the first one you need 100 Eidoo tokens to burn (which means they do not go to the company but help to lower the total supply of the EDO token). In the case of Vip and Black, the tokens are staked for at least 1 year: 25,000 for the VIP and 200,000 for the black. At the moment the EDO token is traded at 30 cents, so we are talking about 7500 USD for the VIP and 60,000 USD for the Black. 

The Eidoo Card is special in that it offers the best crypto cashback in the WORLD! The VIP offers from 2.5% to 6.5% cashback, while the Black offers from 6.5% to 10% cashback. Obviously, the more tokens are staked, the higher the percentage of the crypto cashback! There are also other benefits like Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime and so on. At the moment there are almost 3000 cards already pre-ordered for the card that will surely define the future of the crypto world.

The article will be updated from time to time with the addition of new crypto debit cards!

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