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Staking Facilities Stakes Crypto In A Safe and Secure Environment

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The current trends in the Crypto space are the likes of DeFi, Masternodes, Staking, etc. These are some of the ways investors can earn passively in this industry. Users who contribute to securing a Proof-of-Stake based network receive rewards for their time and resources spent on maintaining the security of the network. 

Staking requires dedicating a computer to run continuously while connecting it to the system as well. It is a problem for high profile individuals who may need to go about their normal activities within the day and might not possess the technique involved in running the wallet, likewise for newcomers in the Crypto space. 

However, this should not stand in the way of anybody interested in earning passive income from staking cryptocurrencies. Staking Facilities have developed a hub where Crypto enthusiasts can safely stake their assets and make gains without any hassle.

Services Provided By Staking Facilities 

Almost every day, we hear of security breaches on platforms that have led to the loss of lump sums of data/funds, and this does scare investors from entrusting their funds to so-called hosting sites. However, Staking Facilities uses advanced security systems to protect the funds of its customers. 

Their purpose is to keep the funds of their users secured beyond hackers’ reach and any form of cyber theft. In addition to this, monitoring systems have been put in place to quickly alert the technical team about network performance and performance of nodes they are hosting. All the measures have been put in place to ensure deployed nodes on the platform have the best of uptime and ratings. So that blocks are successfully processed unto their respective network. 

The company has its headquarters in Germany, one of the countries that are friendly to Blockchain Technology initiated solutions. The legal advisors of Staking Facilities have approved the business solution and its operations, as stipulated by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority-BaFin. 

Such legal parameters go a long way to assure users of the credibility and transparency with which it conducts its activities. Though their headquarters is in Germany, they have deployed their sentries and nodes globally to provide their customers with the best network performance.

Their style of work has attributed unto them massive endorsement from Crypto enthusiasts around the globe. With over 850 clientele scattered over the world, their patronage will likely go up in the coming months. Staking Facilities have an active community with whom they interact about the governance of their operations through updates and engaging in live discussions in their telegram group. Moreover, a substantial self-bond is available for every validator deployed on their hosting platform

It shows the long-term vision and formidable relationship that they want to establish with their customers. 

Built-in Features That make Staking Easy

The technicalities and complexities involved when investing in Cryptocurrencies usually ward most off from the scene. As a result, the team has put together a comprehensive user interface with well-defined tabs to help users navigate through their dashboard without any obstruction. With a Dashboard equipped with extra buttons such as:

  • Payout History: allows users to view the overall rewards earned from their staking/validating
  • Portfolio Distribution: displays all the Cryptocurrencies staked by users.
  • Total Valuation of Assets: shows the entire value of customers’ assets and collateral for staking and the rewards.

Through their unique dashboard, customers can easily view their assets and see the return on investments. This feature is one particular thing that is unique on Staking Facilities as compared to other platforms.


Staking Facilities Logo

Anyone can enjoy the benefits of passive income because of the simplicity that comes with doing it through Staking Facilities. They provide staking support for Crypto communities such as Tezos, Cosmos, Polkadot, Solana, Kusama, Edgeware, Oan, and have plans of expanding its services to other Cryptocurrencies. 

The funds invested with them are safe and secure since the platform has a state-of-the-art system. Therefore, customers can earn without harboring any sentiments of someone looting their funds to concentrate on other businesses. Join Staking Facilities and be among a group of like-minded passive earners in the Crypto industry.

For more information, connect with the team via the following links:

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