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Crypto enthusiasts have realized that building a passive income source can be reliable, especially in times of market depression. Pioneers who adopted the system from earning passively either from masternodes or staking have reaped enormous benefits from this investment model. 

A few individuals enjoyed the benefits of passive income as users had to be technologically inclined to do this. However, StakeWith.Us has made this quite easy and secured for the average Joe in the Crypto space. They have carefully designed an easy-to-use interface to open up the niche for everyone to enjoy building a reliable source of passive income.

Features of StakeWith.Us

The goal is to build a secured platform that protects the funds of users who are staking on the platform. To ensure maximum security, StakeWithUs has placed the following structures so that hosted nodes are beyond the reach of any form of network attack. 

They make use of:

  • Two Edge Dell Power Servers that host validators and are in Tier 3 Datacenters within Singapore.
  • Yubi2HSM and have strict internal policies to assign roles and validator capabilities.
  • Globally distributed validator and sentry nodes hosted by Amazon Web Services and Hetzner Cloud services. These hosting services are known for their secured and high rating networks. In the future, they plan to host some of their sentries on Google Cloud to provide a decentralized network in hosting validators.
  • A Multi-signature system that guarantees all passphrases and backups gets approved by multiple individuals in the company, and these secret files are stored safely in bank vaults.

Nodes hosted on StakeWith.Us have an assurance that the highest uptime on their respective Blockchain network because of how sturdy the system and infrastructure come in play based on the composition.

Further, the team behind this project is constituted of experienced investors when it comes to passive income, henceforth stake alongside the community on the same infrastructure they have built. They prefer to call it “Skin in the game,” thereby putting in all the necessary measures and maintenance to ensure that it is a win-win solution for their community members and themselves. 

In addition to this, StakeWith.Us also avails white-label services to institutions and organizations. With exceptional tools from their technical team, they have formulated together with a custom-made platform specifically to suit anyone’s needs.

Atlas Dashboard

You can stake dozens of digital assets using the Atlas feature on the platform. It supports most of the major altcoins in this space, with plans to list other tokens/coins as well. Hodlers of Cryptocurrencies like Band Protocol, Cosmos, KAVA, Terra, Idex, Kyber, and others can offload the hassle of running their node to them and earn with a peace of mind. 

There is 24/7 support, so members have the full assurance that the performance and ratings of their nodes are notable high. The project removes all the challenges and hindrances that come with running a validator and staking as they have designed an easy to use platform. 

The dashboard has a primary graphic user interface that makes it very accessible for everyone to sail through with few clicks and without any difficulty. Related to other platforms that provide all this at a high fee, StakeWith.Us offers the most affordable hosting charges you can come across in this industry.

Regularly and through their Staker Digest program, members receive the latest updates of developments concerning the platform. In this manner, there is constant communication with the team and its community members in governance. Also, the contribution from community members through active discussions in their telegram group is always receptive.


In essence, StakeWith.Us is one of the leading Staking-as-a-Provider for major Blockchain projects in the ecosystem. They have built a secured and highly decentralized servers that foster an environment where nodes have high uptime ratings to propose blocks. 

Not just that, but the design of the platform in such a way that, it is attractive, yet comes with a simple user interface to enhance the user experience when users interact with it. Crypto Noobs, who wish to get into the game of generating passive income, can do so with ease when they decide to run their validators on StakeWith.Us. 

Join their active community now and let your cryptocurrencies earn you extra income whiles you go about your daily activities. Find them here:

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