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The yearning for a truly decentralized Blockchain led to the emergence of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) as a consensus algorithm, and many Blockchain networks have widely adopted this. Some are using this consensus mechanism to propose blocks. 

However, the freedom of having a complete decentralized Blockchain came with the price of in-depth technical knowledge and the lengthy time spent by validators who are running them. Users who wish to host on the network as validators need to be technically inclined in the first place to set up their node and believe me this comes as no joke if you have ever been in a battle of nodes on Blockchain network. 

Fortunately for us, these setbacks of running validator can’t be obstacles preventing Crypto enthusiasts from enjoying the benefits of a decentralized network as Stakefish has provided the solution with the space needs.

Why stake with Stakefish?

Stakefish is backed by a group of highly experienced individuals in their various disciplines in the tech industry. Their Co-Founder contributed immensely to the development of one of the largest mining pools in this industry.  Outstanding projects like Chainlink, Algorand, Storaj, Centrifuge have given them validator slots to help secure their network due to their level of expertise. Though staking on these networks are not available at the moment, there are plans to list some of them in the future.

Besides, for a node to have good ratings in proposing blocks on any network, it needs to be very secure to prevent any failure due to an attack. It is another factor which Stakefish takes a keen interest in without the slightest glitch.  Nodes are built robustly to survive any form of attack or just a mere overload of transactions broadcasting to the network within a particular time frame. They go beyond the ordinary and put in conscious efforts to make sure that nodes hosted with them are performing strongly and have good ratings.

In addition to this, users have the chance to choose from a wide range of major altcoins that have excellent use cases together with good tokenomics backing their native currencies. Currently, supported altcoins available to stake are Tezos, Kava, Cardano, Polkadot, Cosmos, Band Protocol, Kusama, Iris network with plans of expanding its horizon in adding many more POS-based cryptocurrencies. 

Due diligence is done by the team to ensure that only Cryptocurrencies with good token fundamentals and an active community get listed. To guarantee nodes that are hosted by Stakefish have the best ratings, the team provides 24/7 support in running its operations. 

The entire team consists of several individuals across the globe who are operating in different time zones. This strategy gives them the ability to watch and make sure that all nodes hosted are performing at its peak with the best of ratings.

Stakefish Stands Out 

Staking can still come with ease if you are hosting your node on the right platform. Stakefish is among the top three in this space, and they are one of the best staking platforms that have highly experienced team members equipped with advanced skills to provide solutions that will reward and keep your funds safe. 

The platform provides 24/7 support channel should you need any form of assistance with how your nodes are performing. Team values its community and which assets they put their funds into hence goes the extra mile to support only legitimate blockchain projects to minimize the risk of investment on its community members. 

With Stakefish, you can relate running a validator as driving a stake through a fish (proposing blocks) in a portable pond while those running their nodes locally are trying to stake a fish in the seas. Join the Stakefish community now and run your nodes on one-click solutions.

Join the Stakefish Community

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Kindly join the Stakefish community to enable you to learn more about the project. It also an opportunity to interact with the team and asking all the issues bothering your mind.

Below are the various social media platforms you can find them on:

For those of you who are technically inclined, there Github is here for your perusal. As always, do not trust but verify for yourself for your interest and other community members. 

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