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Stake Capital – The Non-Custodial DeFi Investment Service Provider

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The Digital Financial world is undergoing rapid growth with new avenues through which investors can make decent profits on their investment. To name but a few are trading, futures, masternodes, staking, etc. and they serve as a passive income for most Crypto enthusiasts. 

In some instances, the reliability of a project can bring in huge returns that pay out more than an individual’s day job. Frankly, it is the reason why there is this unquenching thirst by many investors to get into this industry, which is a total gamechanger.

Because of this, Stake Capital has put together a wide range of products covering all the forms of digital investments that you can think of and on a secured non-custodial platform which is very easy to use.

Features of Stake Capital

Many staking platforms out there require you to relinquish the access of your funds totally unto their platform to stake with them. But Stake Capital has designed a non-custodial system that allows users to be in full control of their funds while still earning passively.  Quite honestly, this is an incredible development from them and a laudable one indeed. Thoughts of breach of security do not come into mind when investing with this platform. 

They have put in place robust security measures that are ranked over Tier 3+ Infrastructure and also support HSM integration. The platform keeps their wallets containing funds of investors in a cold wallet, and they have to sign transactions offline, consequently making it impossible for hackers to have access to the funds of users.

Stake Capital provides its users with a wide range of decentralized financial avenues through which they can earn. Tools like, Lending, Staking, Arbitraging, Staking are all available through one single platform, and the beauty of it all is that it’s a paperless platform. No need for registration and therefore, users don’t have to be worried about giving away their data.

Another feature that is notably unique of them is their Stake Decentralized Autonomous Organization. This organization tokenizes all the DeFi services offered by the company and shares it with their stakeholders. 

Currently, Cryptocurrencies such as Tezos, Kusama, Loom, Livepeer, Cosmos are on the platform for staking. There are plans on opening up to other cryptocurrencies as well. The rewards earned are automatically enrolled in the investment to further compound, the interests that their members make.

Why Stake On Stake Capital

Their reliability in terms of network and node performance is highly guaranteed. They have established their sentry nodes across the globe to ensure high uptime of their nodes when validating. 

The system supports the globalization of their nodes through the service partnership they have established with Amazon Web Service and Google Cloud Providers, and others. Stake Capital’s team is made of highly experienced individuals who possess the required skills to create and build a secured platform for its customers. 

They are well versed in various disciplines of Cryptography and Blockchain Technology hence complement each other to provide the best of services for their community. Also, their level of expertise and in-depth skills granted them a flawless win of the Cosmos Game of Stakes last year. 

It was an incentivized battle of nodes test conducted to show how the performance of nodes as well as their ability to build decentralized applications on an unfavourable Byzantine Fault Tolerance Network. Again, investors receive 24/7 customer support should they have any form of inquiries about the performance of their assets or clarification of services. 

All these come at a very affordable price as the platform itself earns variable/fixed fees, while validating on these decentralized networks. Anyone can afford to stake on Stake Capital without worry about the charges. 


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Crypto enthusiasts who still uphold the thumb rule of investing in this industry that saysNot your Keys, Not your Crypto” will find Stake Capital an ideal platform for them to build their passive source of income. Their secured services, coupled with their level of expertise, rewards their customers with high uptime of nodes and performance across the network. The privacy of their customers is highly respected, therefore setting up an investment plan does not involve any contract or registration.

Connect with the team and community members for more information and insight: 

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