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Securitize Leads Security Token Market Providing Ease and Efficiency

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Gradually, many companies and assets are moving their value to the Blockchain. These traditional assets, which were not easy to trade in because of restrictions based on geographical location, accreditation limitation, and various conditions, are all coming to an end. 

With a digital representation via the Blockchain, these barriers are insignificant since anything can be Tokenized and represented digitally. Consequently, making it easy for the value to be exchangeable and traded globally irrespective of the status of the people involved. More so, it presents new market possibilities to non-liquid investments. It is these purposes and many others, that security tokens have come to stay and become a part of the ecosystem and the coming future of ownership.

The Security Tokenization industry is burgeoning at an admirable rate and shaping the new frontier, making it possible for everyone to be a part of the global market. We take a look at Securitize, one of the leaders in this space, making it possible for tangible assets to go to the market in a digital form without blemish. 

Securitize In Perspective

Securitize is a market-leading firm administering a diversity of relief harnessed towards security assets. The focus is to make digital securities, more accessible to own, more comfortable to manage, and faster to exchange. The platform expedites the creation, sale, issuance, distribution, and the management of digital securities. This process is made attainable by the utilization of Blockchain technology. 

Built on Ethereum, the Securitize’s DS-Protocol enables the issuing of digital securities to remain compliant with global regulations. It is a Security and Exchange Commission registered transfer agent and the leading end-to-end digital platform using blockchain technology for Transfer Agent services.

They aid in the clearing and settling of all securities transactions. The project takes on the risk of registering changes in ownership, managing corporate security owner credentials, and scrapping, and issuing certificates.

It is much ideal for private and public businesses of all dimensions and stages, from start-up to the enterprise level in all sectors. Outfits like financial services, insurance, asset management, real estate, oil and gas, retail, hospitality, and many publicly traded entities are making use of the Securitize platform. 

Features of Securitize

Leveraging Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLT), clientele can always track their cap table in real-time clarity and reporting. Meanwhile, they have total control over liquidity, corporate actions, and complying with rules all at one window. 

When it comes to security, the platform engages cryptography to secure and preserve investors’ interest. That makes it swift and offhand to fix any ownership concerns.

Securitize spares companies and individual investors money with faster transactions, which removes all the lengthy processes. For instance, the onboarding of investors is prompt and competent. 

Services Provided 

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The various services at the disposal of the public from Securitize include giving clientele a choice to perform the distribution method online via ACH, wire transfers, paper checks, or virtual currencies. It expediates and smoothly produces essential tax documentation.

They also handle communication with shareholders of companies making use of their Investor Outreach Module. That means issuers can run and generate transactional and marketing drives to apprise stockholders of news or events of their firms. With Securitize, businesses don’t have to worry about issues like governance is well handled. These comprise managing voting events comfortably online from a dashboard, including holding annual and specific shareholder gatherings all year round. 

The platform doesn’t only ensure dispensing and handling digital securities. However, there is an integration of Transfer Agent services. The feature is responsible for taking care of clawbacks and re-issuance effortlessly. With the assistance of the Blockchain, clients can track the ownership and compliance of securities at stake, all in a secure and untampered manner. The process guarantees single-source of truth, which is Rule 301(b) acquiescent.

Furthermore, Securitize makes sure that companies raising capital through crowdfunding through a Reg CF that use an SEC-registered TA qualify for an exemption from Section 12(g). Hence, providing more convenience for entities that want to travel the Security Token path. 

To know more about the project, you can join the various communities on social media below:

Check out the Github to verify the code if you are a technical person. 

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