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REVV Combines Blockchain And NFT In Gaming To Offer Overwhelming Experience

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Gaming in Blockchain has been growing for some time now with experts predicting that it would be the next big thing after Cryptocurrency in terms of application. The technology empowers the pairing of in-game objects with Non-Fungible Tokens that can conceivably upset the whole gaming business. 

Blockchain provides gamers with the capacity to unobstructedly exchange in-game objects without any involvement of centralized authorities. The ability to pay winners instantly without going through a strenuous process also makes the technology pretty ideal for the industry. 

Privacy in gaming is one cardinal feature many people looked for, and open ledger technology offers it in abundance. In the past few years, the entry or marriage between gaming and Blockchain has been upsurging considerably, though it is not yet common.

REVV is a fungible Crypto built on top of the Ethereum Blockchain is one such project set to make waves in the space. As a fungible token, it is an asset, which is interchangeable with any other virtual currency of a corresponding variety.  

This project combines Blockchain and NFTs in gaming to offer the public an overwhelming experience. Developed by Animoca, one of the leading game developers with over 15 million user base, it permits gamers to buy services, play, and trade Blockchain games founded on commanding motorsports labels.  REVV correlates several Animoca Brands Blockchain recreation names rooted in the intellectual property of motorsport. The games highlight dual play encounters, which are collecting and competitive racing.

Animoca has games like F1 Delta Time Blockchain game platform, and a title grounded in the MotoGP motorsport with its own intellectual property. Besides, the company will launch another product which is a racing game shortly.

REVV Token

The REVV token is the native currency for the ecosystem that gives access to all products and services. It possesses a fluid supply of over 200 million with a maximum supply of 3 billion.  REVV is the utility token and at the same time in-game coin for the branded motorsports Blockchain games. Its design is such that it is the currency of purchase, utility, and performance in F1 Delta Time as well as MotoGP, with the potential application toward additional future titles.

The token is used for the purchasing of NFTs, staking, gameplay entry fees, gameplay rewards and staking. Out of the 3 billion supply, 500 million is for F1 Delta Time while 1.3 billion is in reserves, which will go into the development of new games. Further, 250 million will go into Initial DEX Offering (IDO) to enable the public to purchase some. For the team and advisors, 300 million is earmarked for them.  Meanwhile, another 250 million is going to be for the Player Rewards Reserves (PRR). The remaining 400 million is taking care of the MotoGP project. 

More so, the motorsport encounters made available in the F1 Delta Time and MotoGP games connected by a distributed economy secured possibly by the REVV token. The set up is a currency of purchase, utility and performance in the F1 Delta Time and MotoGP, a likely, usage via further future titles.

REVV’s Position

REVV is poised to employ Blockchain’s notion of interoperability in such a manner where a token application can be over several combined products. The team thinks that maintaining one utility token for various game titles brings numerous advantages to all stakeholders.

 Some of these benefits, particularly to players, include boosting then to engage in other games in the ecosystem. Besides, there are possibilities of a perk with token growing in value as the entire REVV ecosystem develops.  Most importantly, the project has one of the most influential teams in the NFT and Blockchain gaming domain. Animoca’s gaming holdings encompass Sandbox, (built on Ethereum) Crazy Defense Heroes and Crazy Kings.

Join REVV Community

There is room to learn more about the project, which is prerequisite for putting your money into any project. Joining the REVV community is a prudent way to interact with the team, members and know more about the platform.

Here are links to their various social media accounts:

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