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Matcha Launches A Decentralized Exchange Perfect For Everyone

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Cryptocurrency exchanges play a considerable role in Cryptosphere. Without them swapping of one digital currency to the other and exchanging Crypto to fiat is impossible.

Someone might say we can go peer to peer (p2p); however, this route cannot cater to institutional demand and professional trading purposes. Therefore, the role of such Blockchain infrastructure cannot be overemphasized in this industry. Digital assets exchanges can be Centralized (CEX) or Decentralized (DEX), depending on how it is structured. Meanwhile, exchanges differ with their interface, how to use it, and who can use them.

Some of them can be confusing and complicated, even to advanced users based on how the configuration set up works. Notwithstanding, there are a few others that are easy to use, even by beginners in the ecosystem.

Matcha – Crypto Trading for Everyone

Matcha has expanded the Blockchain infrastructure front by building the easiest to use exchange in the system. The platform is structured with the beginner or someone with no prior experience in the trading of Cryptocurrencies in mind. 

Even if you have never used a digital exchange platform in your life, it is effortless to navigate this portal to serve your purpose. All you need to do is to follow simple instructions. 

Launched on Tuesday, Matcha is a decentralized peer2peer exchange built by the 0x team to bring on board the next generation of crypto traders. It is a game-changer for Crypto adoption since the exchange user experience puts a lot of people off this scene.

How It Works

Matcha will blow your mind with simplicity! Foremost, you have to connect your wallet to the exchange since it is a non-custodial system.  You trade directly from your wallet without the worry of a security breach. Besides, it has the best security in place for your user experience. 

There is no lengthy process of signing up or getting an account. Countless people can’t get into the Cryptocurrency domain because they cannot meet unrealistic KYC requirement, that setback is faraway here. Let us say you want to trade ETH/Compound tokens, for example, you will go to the search field and type in the trading pairs, and it will take you to that market promptly. After you indicate the amount to trade, it starts searching for the best price across top exchange networks. 

To get you the very most beneficial offer, Matcha breaks trades across the 0x Mesh, Uniswap, Kyber, Curve, Oasis DEX. Also, they have proprietary liquidity pools where the best rates are sourced for traders. According to the team, there will be a continuous enhancement to make sure traders are getting the most desirable prices in the market. In a few minutes, then you are through with the transaction you want to conduct. There is no interference or waiting time for someone to purchase your request.

Educational Section 

 Many exchanges list tokens without bothering to educate their communities about how its works, the technology, and utilities behind them. Matcha believes that users of the platform should have a better understanding of tokens available to trade. Therefore, there is a section on the website dedicated to educating the community about new assets that get listed. Known as Assets Page, its purpose is to assist people in learning about newly listed digital assets on the Matcha domain. 

The move goes a long way to inform traders about what they are putting their money into in the first place. Many people have lost fortunes in the electronic currency space because of failing to do a better job of understanding what they are getting into without much knowledge. 

Matcha Protects Your Interest

Matcha Protects your Interest

Using exchanges can be tricky sometimes, especially if you do not understand the complexities of navigating such an environment. It is a frequent occurrence to lose money through slippage and fat fingering, 

It can even happen to experienced traders but do not be perturbed. Matcha has you covered against such eventualities. It is in this direction where the platform provides constant information in lucid language about the current trends to protect your interest when you are trading.

The customer experience this innovative exchange wants for you is to make you feel relaxed and assured when you are trading. Accordingly, you are warmly welcome to use Matcha for the best user experience you can think of in the space.  

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