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Interview with Pteria DAO, the project behind PTERIA token

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Today, we are pleased to announce that we had the opportunity to speak with Pteria DAO, the project behind the new PTERIA token. One of the few gaming currency out there! We hope you enjoy it!

Question – Tell Us more about PTERIA ?

Answer: PTERIA token is a governance token within a DAO, managed through the Aragon protocol™. Users can control the development of the DAO and take an active part in the team decision-making process by voting or making proposals. The main purpose of $PTERIA is to be given to third parties projects to be used as a utility token. The DAO has the right to allocate budgets for new projects. Pteria DAO is highly connected with worldwide influencers and focused on the mobile gaming industry. Massive numbers of gaming associated with the liquidity Pteria has huge potential in terms of value of Pteria itself.

Question – I’ve seen Pteria DAO is associated several times with Wallem project; in which way they are connected?

Answer: Wallem is proud to announce that it is the first gaming app to be allowed to use PTERIA. Wallem is a Pokemon Go-style mobile gaming project promoted by the influencer Pewdiepie (107M followers) and allows users to participate in events promoted by international brands. Pteria Dao donated 2.5M of Pteria tokens to Wallem to be distributed within the game map, Wallem users can collect them in augmented reality and then spend them to buy game skins and registration for events. registration to events are 100% burned. This is why Wallem represents a very powerful machine burning for Pteria. Once he has finished burning these 2.5M of Pteria, Wallem will buy the necessary Pterias on the market to feed his players’ demand. Pteria DAO and Wallem are therefore two completely detached entities, Wallem is the first project that has decided to use the Pteria token within its ecosystem rather than generate one of its own.

Question – Pteria DAO have minted few NTFs and sold them for the record price of 60ETH each, can you please be more clear on this point?

Answer: The NFTs coined by Wallem represent some of the skins used by Wallem players. The NFTs get back 100% of the sales in Wallem of the linked skin, so every time a Wallem player purchases a skin in Pteria in the game, these Pterias must be divided equally among the addresses that own these NFTs. These NTFs have an inscrutable value over time because, as the user base of wallem increases, they will increase their earnings without having to do anything. Earned Pterias are sent every 20 days or each time $ 5,000 is reached for that specific skin.

Question – Why to Buy PTERIA?

Answer: Behind Pteria there are big connections in the crypto world and in the gaming world. Pteria token will be used in various projects during the first year, guaranteeing PTERIA an increase in its value in a fairly short period of time. Pteria DAO is very attentive to the distribution of its token, in fact no presale has been made – the investment in the project comes from the personal capital of the founders – and the distribution of the PTERIA token on new projects is based on the burning capacity of the project associated. Pteria is therefore destined to have an ever-decreasing supply and ever-increasing liquidity thus allowing the Pteria financial asset to acquire value quickly.

Question – Any big news incoming?

Answer: Pteria DAO will announce next week the possibility of staking their $PTERIA for 12 months receiving 25% annual interest. The staking process allows you to have a linear release of the Pteria token from the 13th month to the 24th month, and an unblocking of 25% interest in the 6th and 12th month. Considering the high volumes of the last few days and the high demand from the Community to participate in the staking, we are sure that the circulating quantity of Pteria will be drastically reduced starting from next week. The association of staked tokens + tokens burned by partners (first of all Wallem) and the minimum amount of free tokens (7.2M -2.5M that will be burned by Wallem in the first 12 months), is an explosive mixture that allows Pteria to gain value week after week.

The Crypto Dog – One of the biggest Crypto Twitter Influencers – Tweeted about $PTERIA:

PewDiePie sponsored Wallem in his Video:

Remember, you can find more information about the project in the following links. Team loves participating in the Telegram Group, make sure to join it!

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