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HyperBlocks: Make your Crypto Work for You

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If you have been following the Blockchain industry keenly, you would realize that many industries are springing up alongside it to provide various services. It is quite exciting to see how other infrastructure firms are working to facilitate the smooth running of the whole technology.

When you venture into the Proof of Work (PoW) sector, there are allied services like mining companies whose sole purpose is to mine Crypto, accordingly validating transactions and providing security to networks. Most of these mining firms solicit investments from individuals to run their operations and share their profits

On the Proof of Stake (PoS) Consensus Mechanism front, the situation is similar. There are countless companies staking assets for individuals who do not have the time and technical background to perform such a task of validating and securing Blockchain networks.  

This review takes a look at one of the outfits providing essential services to the PoS industry. It has been in the space for the past seven years rendering an immeasurable contribution. 

About HyperBlocks

HyperBlocks describes itself as an early pathfinder of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technologies and a leader in building and managing Blockchain infrastructure. They have a team of world-leading specialists, and Blockchain security researchers, who are ensuring that the infrastructure meant for the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) are well taken care of in all aspects.

HyperBlocks is a subsidiary of HyperChain Capital, which entered the Blockchain space as far back as 2013 and is in charge of one of the most prominent mining amenities in Asia. Since acquiring CryptoGlobal in 2018, the firm controls over 20,000 cryptocurrency mining servers.

Additionally, they were also one of the pioneers solely focused on Proof of Stake protocols.

According to the HyperBlocks website, the focus is to strive every day to do their best to help the ecosystem grow and improve Blockchain technologies. Their commitment is to do good and produce a positive impact on the world.

Nature of Services

The platform provides Blockchain-related services like Masternode hosting and Staking for various networks. It allows digital asset hodlers to stake their tokens easily and secure the network with an automated service.

With HyperBlocks staking, there is no need for users to transfer their tokens to the platform as it can remain in their wallets while securing the network. This arrangement means that it is a non-custodial service that gives clientele control over their funds.  

There is more emphasis on the security of assets handled by them and why they are decentralized. Staking with them gives you peace of mind concentrating on the equally vital tasks since there is no need to worry about security breaches. 

It is the domain to go for your staking, banking, and Masternode host since the system guarantees 100% uptime with hardware security module (HSM) key supervision allowed. Mechanisms such as Sentry node DDoS protection is also available combined with a team that works 24/7/365, or around the clock.

Projects Staking on HyperBlocks

Tezos was the first Cryptocurrency that went live on HyperBlocks when the Staking service took off in 2018. In this instance, the technical name is Baking in the XTZ ecosystem. 

Currently, other networks on this platform include Cosmos, Fantom, Wax, and Tomo. Coming soon are projects like Polkadot and aelf. 

 It has plans to offer staking services for more Cryptocurrencies in the Proof of Stake realm that needs their services to grow. As more projects enter the space with such a requirement, HyperBlocks is well-positioned to provide their needs. 

Join HyperBlocks Community

The strength of every Cryptocurrency is its communities and how to leverage the network effect. To be able to do a better job of understanding the project, joining the community is crucial.

It is an opportunity to learn more, interact with your peers, ask the team anything bothering your mind about the project, and be on top of all issues pertaining. In such an instance, you are always in a position to make informed choices.

The HyperBlocks team has its doors wide open for anyone who the intention to join their family. Check them out on the following social media platforms for all your needs: 

Remember, don’t trust, but verify, here is the Github for your perusal if you are technical.

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