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How to find the best upcoming IDOs in 2021

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In 2017, one of the most popular terms in the crypto world was ICO, which stands for Initial Coin Offering (a kind of IPO applied to crypto). Then during the steep decline in January 2018, ICOs disappeared from circulation as they were no longer profitable. Now that cryptocurrencies are back in strength, there is a similar term that is allowing many lucky people to make money. What are we talking about? IDOs, which stands for Initial DEX Offering. Unlike ICOs that required 5-10-15-20-30-50-100 million dollars for fundraising and only sold a small part of the project supply, IDOs are used to raise very small amounts of money in order to get some publicity and increase their followers and community.

It is worth noting that IDOs are almost exclusively carried out by SERIOUS projects that already have the capital to develop their project thanks to private presales or respectable investors in order to offer a few lucky people a place at the table, thus increasing the number of members who will follow the project on Telegram, Twitter, Medium, Discord, YouTube and so on. This is because IDOs usually offer 100-300 seats but 5-10-30-50 thousand people apply (or sometimes even more like in the case of SuperFarm and other super-expected IDOs). Most IDOs perform frighteningly well in the first hour after listing on Uniswap, with increases of 1000%, 5000% or even 10000%. In a nutshell, participating in an IDO of a serious project is like winning the lottery! So let’s see how to find the best upcoming IDOs to try and win a place!

Sites where to find incoming IDOs

1) IcoDrops – This was the most popular site during the ICO era of 2017. It lasted a couple of years and didn’t have too many users, but has now rediscovered itself, turning its database into one of the best around for IDO lovers. The portal is very simple and offers the widest choice of IDOs and IEOs possible. Upon entering the site you will see several links in the menu and it is enough to click on ACTIVE to discover all the current IDOs. There is also a choice of Upcoming IDO to stay prepared. Finally, you can also see the statistics of past IDOs by clicking on the Stats button. Here you can find out the economic return of the various completed IDOs, their budget, how many users took part and so on. And if you are interested you can also find the Whitelist section, where you can apply to some projects to try to be pre-selected for their IDOs (they usually require KYC, i.e. your documents to verify your identity).

2) CryptoCompare – One of the most popular comparison sites in the crypto sector. It is not only a site for IDOs but for everything interesting in this new niche. To access the upcoming IDOs on CryptoCompare simply click this link. There are currently 15 IDOs coming up and for each project, you can see the start date, how much they want to raise and how many tokens are being offered at this stage.

3) CryptoRank – The third one is a bit more complete than the others as it categorizes the various incoming IDOs according to the platform they will be launched on and also adds the category of the project, helping you to understand if it is a project related to DeFi, NFT, Blockchain or other. To top it all off there is the official date of the IDO, the initial marketcap of the project itself and the maximum they want to raise at this stage. Worth keeping an eye on!

4) CoinMarketCap – The world’s best-known crypto site is updated so often that it makes life really difficult for the competition. Now they have added this special page where they show all the upcoming IDOs with the launch date and fundraising goal. To top it all off there is the official CMC page of the project, as the site adds these tokens already before their launch to be ready to show prices, volumes and so on right after the launch. CoinMarketCap belongs to Binance so it is unlikely to find scams or low-quality projects there. Highly recommended!

Obviously in addition to following these sites we also recommend following all launchpads such as PolkaStarter, Paid, BSCPad and so on to stay up to date on IDOs coming soon. Happy Trading!

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