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How to do Marketing for Crypto projects in 2021

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Now that cryptocurrencies have become a mainstream asset, many people are interested in creating their own crypto projects or finding work in this sector. If you are part of the first group, today we want to help you understand how cryptocurrency marketing works in 2021. It is important to point out that cryptocurrency marketing is much more complex than marketing in other sectors, as many paid platforms are still a bit sceptical about this new niche.

Marketing for cryptocurrencies in 2021

1) Social Media: The following are the most recommended social media to sponsor crypto products (in order of importance): Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, Reddit and TikTok. Facebook and Instagram are currently far behind and not recommended. Twitter takes the lead as most people looking for new crypto gems are super active on this social media. Having a well-managed Twitter profile and responding and interacting with other similar projects is a great way to grow your user base. Next up is Telegram, where you will find millions of users interested in cryptocurrencies with whom you can interact and explain every detail of your project. An official chat on Telegram is just as important as a well-maintained Twitter account. YouTube can be used for paid campaigns as it is becoming increasingly popular among crypto enthusiasts. Reddit is another great place to promote projects, while TikTok is one of the most recommended social media platforms as it is still growing and it is very easy to make a video go viral, gaining millions of views and free advertising. Instagram was the same in the early days, but then everything changed! So take advantage of it while it lasts!

2) Sponsored Articles: Another great strategy to get the word out about your crypto project is to buy sponsored articles. Avoid press-releases as they are not read by anyone, but invest a little more to be able to appear on the homepage of the website where you are buying your article. The costs are very high but the publicity you get is really good quality. You can start with Cointelegraph (around $8000 per article), (around $3000), NewsBTC and Bitcoinist ($1250-1300 per article), CoinGape, CryptoWisser, Cryptonomist and many others. Simply contact the sites directly to negotiate, as those who resell them usually make a lot of money by charging you much more.

3) Twitter and YouTube Influencers: A strategy that I personally don’t like at all but still works today. You have to contact the various crypto influencers and make agreements to promote your project. Usually the results are pumps and dumps but in the long run you get a lot of publicity and visibility. The prices of influencers are now very high, so try to make deals on a monthly basis instead of buying individual videos or tweets. Costs? 2-3000 dollars for smaller accounts (10-20 thousand real followers) to hundreds of thousands of dollars for the most influential profiles. 

4) AMAs on major groups: AMAs, or Ask Me Anything, are a great way to promote your crypto project. Stay away from groups created just for AMAs as they will usually ask you 300-1000 dollars to host your own AMA but you won’t get any visibility. AMAs should be done on SERIOUS groups, on Reddit or on SERIOUS YouTube channels. You could pay as much as $5-10,000 for a single AMA, but the visibility you get is really important. Especially if the project you are promoting is of quality.

5) Newsletters: Newsletters are another great strategy to promote a crypto project. On this page you can find some of the best newsletters out there, but you will find many more by searching on Google for the words crypto newsletter. The cost of this type of sponsorship varies from 1 to 10-20k USD but you are sure to reach users interested in the crypto world and therefore likely future investors in your project.

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6) Word of mouth – One of the most effective strategies at the moment. When you have an important project with strong ambitions and solid foundations (respectable team, important advisors, important partnerships) it’s enough to talk about it to a few acquaintances and you will see how the word will continue to spread until your project will be filled with thousands of new investors. It is also the cheapest strategy, but it only works if you have strong points to push in your project.

7) Get listed everywhere – The last tip is to list your project on every website of crypto data. Among them are CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, CoinMarketCal, LiveCoinWatch, CoinCap, CoinPaprika, Blockfolio, Zerion, DeBank, Delta App, Etherescan and so on. The more listings you request, the more visibility you will get. It seems like a small thing but it is really a key point to get off to a great start!

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