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Harbor Bridges Gap Between Traditional Market And Crypto Economy

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Harbor is a financial instrument, molding the alternative investment practice for new user experience. With a digital platform that automates the hand-operated methods of alternative investment subscriptions, investor management, and secondary transfers, it is poised to create a new paradigm of a financial system.

The project has positioned itself to aid firms to legitimately issue tokens that signify ownership of real-world properties like fine art, company shares, real estate, precious metals, and investment funds. The tokenization process in a way that corporations have the window to unhitch the exchange of illiquid assets looking at its few participants and a low volume of activities.

Traditional trading of assets is quite intricate, costly, and there are burdensome regulations limiting buyers and sellers in this market. Case in point is unaccredited investors and foreigners who do not have a certain amount of money cannot purchase or own some particular securities. 

Besides, legal fees for the sales process is, unfortunately, high compounded with a lengthy stretch of waiting time. These bureaucracies exclude many from such a market it the privilege of the few. It is the mission of Harbor to create a platform to bridge the gap between traditional markets and Cryptonomies. The principal focus is to remove the statutory constraints that private securities tokenization face. 

It is the conviction of the brains behind the company that there is an enormous need for ownership of real-world properties utilizing Blockchain Technology. They envision a world where value can be exchanged like an email in an instant, free, and secure manner without any blemish.

With such a system, people can frequently trade physical assets anytime and anywhere in the world. The current legal parameters are hindering and making the means cumbersome, and this is what Harbor wants to transform.  

Streamlining Alternative Investment

Enormous challenges face the sector that needs redesign with a form that presents very little or no restrictions. Harbor is, therefore, concentrating on improving the subscription experience for investors, placement agents, and back offices.

For such a market to smooth-run, there has to be an ample effort to diminish flaws with even through processing, which is one of Harbor’s commitment. To make things more accessible for the investor, there are Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering, and Accreditation mechanisms put in place for automatic verification. 

Furthermore, there is a provision of online document review and e-signatures, as well as the minimization of drop-offs and acceleration of closings. Harbor makes compliance seamless by partnering with its FINRA-registered broker-dealer subsidiary.

Issuers of tokens and advisors do not have to worry about branding since the entire subscription experience gets taken care of by rendering a branded private marketplace to ensure optimum satisfaction. Hence, securities in a digital setup become a reality.  

Services like real-time information at issuers and investors disposal, streamline document sharing and reporting, and Security and Exchange Commission registered transfer agent services on electronically issue dividends are all available. Again, placement agents can trade on behalf of clients with internal execution of compliance edicts on all transfers thanks to the Blockchain.

Security And Privacy

Someone might be asking how security and privacy are ensured in such an environment. Do not despair, once again, Harbor, has you covered. You can go to bed with the peace of mind that the security and privacy of your assets are tightly secured.

Harbor adheres to all institutional-level security, privacy, and compliance specifications with the best protection and privacy applications and industry-standard technologies to shield the information of its clientele. Some of these measures are bank-grade and institutional-level encryption and multi-factor authentication for all key processes.

Then again, to allow a trustless methodology for security and privacy, an independent security testing of application is one of the tools employed. On the other hand, integrated, institutional-grade custody for issuers is available combined with an industry-leading provider of SOC 2, and ISO 27001 certification backed by secured Blockchain technology.

Harbor is supported by leading venture capital outfits like Craft, VY Capital Founders Fund, Andreessen Horowitz, Valor Equity Partners, Fifth Wall, Pantera, Future/Perfect Venture, Signia, Confirmation, Kindred Ventures, and SVAngel. 

Learn More About Harbor

Those who are interested in using the Harbor platform can run a demo on their website here. You can also join their community on Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn, and Medium. Do your diligence, and put Harbor to good use.

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