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ForkDelta: Decentralized Ethereum Token Exchange

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ForkDelta is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) that lists only ERC-20 tokens. The project pride itself as having the most Ethereum assets more than any other exchange in the DEX space. 

At the moment, it is an open-source, updated interface for EtherDelta’s Smart Contract with a present and public extension team. It began as a fork of EtherDelta when the latter was sold to new owners who advanced controversial development arrangements. 

Meaningful development time went into the token listing system, order book, API, and front-end UI, all of which are at distinct degrees of development. The project savors the fact that it is built on an open, fair community with developers who are accessible and an open-source codebase.

Token listings on the platform are for free, and the team has never charged any fee and maintains it will never bill any asset to list. The exchange also onboard the most digital currency than any exchange with new tokens added daily. 

Non-Custodial Trading

ForkDelta follows the new trend in Cryptoshere, where users of exchanges are given control over their funds. Trading on the platform is non-custodial, so If you have an ETH compatible wallet, then you are set to trade.  Just connect your MetaMask, Ledger, or import your wallet. It relatively means you don’t hand over your funds to the exchange when you are using it.

On speed, when it comes to deposits and withdrawals, it depends on the Ethereum Blockchain network as ForkDelta relies on Smart Contracts. In an instance where a trader wants deposits, withdrawals, trades, or orders to be swift, then the person can increase the gas price for the transactions. 

Under normal circumstances, with the regular gas price, deposits and withdrawals do not take lengthier than five minutes. However, when the Ethereum network gets choked, it could take longer for the transaction to confirm.

Buying And Selling Tokens On ForkDelta

On ForkDelta, it is permissible to exchange all ERC-20 tokens, which are available on the Ethereum network. The team is continuously working hard to list more tokens all the time. 

Listed tokens are in a drop-down near to the upper left section of the platform when you cruise to ForkDelta’s website, the drop-down defaults to DAI. Even if a token is not accessible because it is not yet onboarded, there is a way to buy or sell it. It is all a matter of substituting the token’s contract address with DAI.

It is only after depositing funds in the Smart Contract that is when you can place or take an order. In a position where one prefers to generate a buy or sell order rather than going for an order that already exists, first, find the New Order segment. 

The next step is to decide to buy or sell and enter the token quantity you want to buy or sell, the rate, the closing time, and hit Buy/Sell. Afterward, you will get a prompt to approve the transaction so that it gets forwarded to the order book. 

The moment a taker for the order is available, ForkDelta will apply the endorsed order to accomplish a trade employing the Smart Contract on the Ethereum network. The entire process can take a few minutes to wrap up.  Then, to go for an existing order, all you have to do is to click on what you are interested in the available order book. From there, you will be aided with a window directing you to stipulate the sum you would like to take. 

Subsequently, you have to hit the Buy or Sell button that comes along. You will then receive a signal to sign the transaction so that the trade goes to the Smart Contract.  At this stage, the system will provide you with a transaction ID and link. The latter can be used to track the transaction.

Join ForkDelta Community

ForkDelta maintains that they believe in candid and open streams of communication with their community. Hence, they pride themselves on their availability in their Discord channel and through comments on GitHub pull requests and issues.

The team also welcomes every feedback, critique, opinions, and help that the community would like to give. You can find them on other platforms here:

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