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Dune Analytics Stands Out In Ethereum Smart Contract Analysis

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ETH offers an immense contribution to the Blockchain industry. Apart from being a ledger for transaction records, it is the pathfinder of Smart Contracts, a groundbreaking protocol in technology. It has more Decentralized Application (dApps) built atop than any other Smart Contract platform out there. The impact this project exudes in the sector is substantial, especially in the dApps market.

Ethereum has facilitated the building of incalculable solution, which cannot be disregard in the history of Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLT) space. The fact that we can today dream of replacing Centralized Apps with dApps in the coming years means a lot about its contribution.

The Ethereum Blockchain holds a cache of data, though, as an investor, analyst or developer, it is essential to have an analytics tool to observe and process everything from trivial action to smart contract activity. These are the metrics that can assist in understanding the well-being of your deployments and the network in general.

Dune Analytics Has You Covered

Launched, two years ago out of the desire to make it effortless for people to utilize data from the Blockchain, it was employed first by Dharma just three months into operation. It is not unexpected that various prime projects in the Ethereum circles are using Dune Analytics.  

The project is an alumnus of the Binance Labs accelerator in 2019. The team spent some months in Berlin and San Francisco with the Binance lab team, according to their website.

Dune Analytics’ Mission

Some of the projects using the Dune Analytics are Gnosis, Kyber Network, The Block, Compound, ENS, 1Inch Exchange, Ba, Bancor, Loopring, 0x, argent, Binance, AAVE and many more.  

Dune believes agonizing about what is going on in the Ethereum realm is now a thing of the past. They decode Ethereum Smart Contracts data giving everyone the leverage to analyze with just SQL queries via an interface. The good news is that data can be instantly visualized into graphs for lucid illustrations and interpretation by analysts, investors and developers. Truly impressively, you can achieve all that in real-time.  

Further again, there is sharing links to social media portals like Twitter, Reddit, among others. Those who are interested in embedding the data to their websites, news and personal blogs have no worries.  Dune Analytics is actually on a mission to create accessibility to top quality insights about Ethereum Blockchain Smart Contracts to everyone. In the end, the information around the entire system is promptly available in the pursuit of transparency. 

As a matter of facts, this service is crucial since currently, a few sites are involved in reporting metrics on a thorough scale. Additionally, Most of them have a different approach which lacks total clarity.

Dune stimulates the setting of metric standards over all the dApps by making information available to all and sundry. Subsequently, it influences discourse around decision-making and products in the Ethereum community.  Dune gives you the liberty to fork the query to improvise the process for your own use, as well as sharing with a link to solicit community opinion. The link-sharing with real-time reports of all metrics is very innovative. 

How To Use Dunes

There are two ways to get access to the data generated by this platform. There is a free subscription option known as Community Version that gives access to human-readable ETH data with a Public SQL querying interface. It comes with a USD price feeds for tokens, and you can also share your analysis.

The other means is the Pro subscription window which provides a wide range of accessibility but comes at a price. These include Export of results; Keeping queries private; No query queue; No watermarks and many others.  What is at the disposal of the community is unprecedented, so far, and the consequences are all good for decentralization’s march to make humanity better. This is the quota Dune, has contributed to expanding the Blockchain Ecosystem, specifically, the ETH domain

They are, therefore, inviting the entire Ethereum community to come on board to create, share, explore, discuss and review Smart Contract penetration, products and services. 

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