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DOUGH Powers Governance On PieDAO

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The shortcoming of the legacy financial system is their operations along trust lines. One needs to rely on such institutions to deliver their needs, and it always leaves a sour taste in the mouth of many.  For instance, ETFs and index funds render traditional investors with broadening holdings in a particular asset, however, rigorously confined to the allocation of the ETFs with designating them with steep yearly charges.

However, PieDAO enables anyone to formulate a tokenized asset allocation, which involves exposure to Cryptocurrency and traditional assets through synthetic assets. These tokenized securities distributions are known as PIEs and come without capital requirements, geographic restrictions, and high expenses.

They are accessible globally by anybody, anywhere, so far as they have internet anytime throughout the year. Notably, PIEs need no minimum deposits for users with negligible fees shared with the DAO’s participating members.

In a nutshell, Pie DAO is a decentralized organization committed to delivering market accessibility and financial assistance by implementing a governance cover to tokenized portfolio allocations reachable by anyone on the Ethereum network.

Dough Tokens

DOUGH is a PieDAO’s native utility governance token, which confers membership of the DAO on all hodlers. It also grants the right to participate in the DAO governance and submitting votes of their own.

More so, hodlers can cooperate and vote on the influence, risk evaluation of the assets in the PIEs, and the advantage and appropriate fees. The Governance system comes after community discussion, which begins on the PieDAO Discord, followed by the forum’s backtesting. It ends with financial stipulations on Github known as the call Pie Improvement Proposals.

When the membership of PieDAO perform excellent work, then the PIE gains adhesion and accumulates fees charged in the underlying assets of the portfolio distribution and gathered into a fee pot. The charges are then given to the members in the governance ecosystem.

DOUGH hodlers are in authority fin terms of issues concerning the Pie Smart Pools’ indexes and parameters, including the Liquidity Providers’ influences, community bounties, and additional initiatives intended to bootstrap commitment and the promotion of natural ecosystem expansion.

The token has other utilities in the pipeline, which are Staking of tokens and rewards; Delegation to elected governors; Two distinct forms of voting; Cryptocurrency economic system configuration against free-riding.

Token Distribution

Dough Governance Tokens

With a total supply of 100 million tokens, the Dough token standard creation’s purpose is to foster the advancement of the PieDAO ecosystem over some time; Incentivize the PIEs liquidity requirements; Bounties for improvements by the Community; Value creation to token holders who understand the uniqueness of the PieDAO.

The team has accepted Requests for Dough, and 10 percent of the total supply goes to this arrangement. It has two phases of Epoch 1 ( 6 percent representing 5,999,670 tokens at ETH price of 0.000375) and Epoch 2 (4 percent representing 4,000, 330 tokens at the ETH price of 0.001050).

This distribution ended on Friday, 18th September 2020, at 8:00 pm UTC amidst intensifying DOUGH/ETH rates and reducing vesting periods of one and half years one year for Epoch 1 and 2, respectively.

Another 10 percent that accounts for ten million tokens is allocated to future distribution at the value of 0.001500 in Ether. This designation enables PieDAO to run liquidity activities like the DOUGH/ETH at a ratio of 80:20 that will go on the Balancer protocol during the migration to the DOUGH v2, representing the transferrable variant of the PieDAO’s governance token.

20 percent of tokens are dedicated to Summoners, which is vested over three years, with the role of a reward for members with complete loyalty and devotion to the DAO growth, including early tech development, community bootstrapping, and accord endowment over the ecosystem.

The remaining 60M tokens is for incentive plans to nurture the project’s long-term progress. Further, it is available to be conferred by Governance’s decision to support PieDAO’s development via liquidity mining programs, community grants, and other incentives.

Join PieDAO

If you like the project and wants to join the community, here are their Social Media links:

For the technically inclined, here is their Github for perusal. 

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