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DEX Blue Combines Centralized and Decentralized Exchange Capabilities

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Trade in real-time Across all on chain liquidity.

Cryptoshere is gradually overcoming one of the impediments standing in the way of industry. It has always been a big issue whenever the use of Central Exchanges (CEXs) comes up.

For many, it is a situation that is improper to a revolution that is decentralized in nature. Whenever a CEX gets hacked, and funds go missing, the domain comes under attack, which immensely affects adoption drive. 

Heart warmingly, the goalposts are shifting with an admirable paradigm shift taking place. Today, more Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs)have come up with various solutions to the bottlenecks that were making the use of such platforms inconvenient.

Gone were the days when DEXs were considered as having low liquidity and slow. These days exchanges of such nature have successfully explored technologies and mechanisms to bridge all these shortcomings to provide users with excellent customer experience. 

Introducing Dex Blue

Dex.Blue Preview

Dex Blue describes itself as an advanced trading platform aiding trustless real-time trading of tokenized assets on the Ethereum Blockchain. As a hybrid DEX, it fuses the capabilities of both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Therefore, they have created an environment with an element of efficiency and security support. These are the ideals of decentralized systems and the will of most people in the Blockchain fraternity across the world. 

With Dex Blue, Traders have access to on-chain liquidity pools like Uniswap, Kyber, and Oasis from one same place. It brings ample room for myriad functionalities as liquidity, mainly, is a major hurdle when it comes to scaling of DEXs.

The business model has three anchors comprising of Best Price Guarantee; Cost-Efficient System, and Advanced Order Types. These define how the ecosystem works here. 

Best Price Guarantees is all new in the exchange market and can gain traction. Under this circumstance, also known as ‘First in – First Out, Market Makers gets an instant match with the next taker order at the most advantageous price.  

More so, your best bet when it is about saving money on gas fees, then it is the Cost-Efficient System, which enables you to initiate off-chain price negotiation and trade pooling. Yes! Free order cancellations are likely on the DEX Blue platform. 

Advanced Order Types offers traders with unique order types and exclusive trading options like Limit and Market Orders. Additionally, users can peg their ETH equivalent to a FIAT standard. The three areas solidify the niche DEX Blue is offering the Cryptocurrency at a time when innovation and competition are getting intense in the space. 

Features Of DEX Blue Features

As a decentralized exchange, it operates on the premise of a trustless level with no need to entrust the platform with anything. With the use of Smart Contracts, funds are stored in a decentralized escrow, and users straightly deposit and withdraw funds. In the same vein, users use cryptography to sign the orders that serve an order book and equals trades. After that, the exchanges get distributed, then verified via the smart contracts.

DEX Blue is never in charge of the user’s assets, meanwhile, decentralized escrow eradicates the uncertainty of a security breach. They also permit an audited of their reserves periodically. The project believes it has a powerful and automatic trading interface enhanced by excellent trading choices for professional traders if you are interested in observing real-time trades and volumes across the entire DeFi market.

When it comes to liquidity, DEX Blue presents one of the best places to go so far as it is about trading. Apart from the liquidity, there is an integration of order books with Kyber, Oasis, and Uniswap, which matches all orders for Defi.

Moreover, if you are looking for gasless trading, then look nowhere else. You can Tender, update, and cancel your orders without paying any fees. It is when a trade is matched and settled on the Ethereum that a negligible charge comes into play. 

It has an API with various applications. The Websocket, for example, assists in speedy user information confirmations and real-time dissemination of market data endeavoring to produce the most useful tools for experts and high-frequency traders.

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