DeFi Review – A simple way to follow DeFi projects

Keeping up with the evolution of decentralized finance was easy until 2018, however, over the last 2 years there have been many new projects and it is almost impossible to know them all. Fortunately though, there are more and more websites dedicated to DeFi projects, just like our! Today we would like to present another service called DeFi Review, which is a Beta project launched from a website already active in the crypto world for some time: dApp.Review. As you can guess from the name, the portal has so far dealt with the reviews of the best dApps in the world, but given that the DeFi sector is growing very fast, the managers have decided to create a section dedicated also to decentralized finance enthusiasts. This is a free service and we will now explain how it works.

Unlike other review sites, DeFi Review is all about sorting projects by Platform, Category, Locked Assets and Volume. A sort of DeFi Pulse (absolute leader of DeFi data analytics sites) but with a considerably more modern and cooler design. It is available in both English and Chinese, therefore accessible to most crypto and DeFi users. 

DeFi.Review currently includes about 27 projects but is always open to new collaborations. These projects, headed as always by MakerDAO in terms of volumes and locked assets, are listed in order of locked assets and can be broken down by categories, such as Lending, Decentralized Swaps, DEX Protocols, Stablecoins, Prediction Markets, Derivatives and Payments. In short, for each sub-category of DeFi, there are ready-to-use and well-established projects that are aiming for supremacy, especially considering that DeFi could become mainstream much sooner than we thought. 

Dapp Review Logo

At the top of the homepage, there is a comparative table showing the best projects with their total locked assets, while on the right there is a circle with the percentage of the dominant category. Clearly, at this moment Lending is in the lead, followed by Derivatives with DEX Swaps in third place, a category which is increasing its customer base quickly. It is enough to think of the various contests offered recently such as the KyberSwap one in collaboration with pTokens (1 bitcoin in prizes) or the most recent one of JellySwap, with about 1k USD in prizes for the first 5 addresses in terms of volume. 

Finally, on the right next to the comparative table there are two very important data of the DeFi world: the total number of assets locked in dollars and the dominant position of the first place, namely MakerDAO. At the moment of writing the total is almost 1.2 billion dollars, while the dominance of Maker is over 40%. For now, it seems that there are no competitors, however, the rapid rise of Aave and other similar projects could reduce this percentage in a very short time. 

To learn more about the projects listed on Dapp.Review simply click on their name, since the website doesn’t offer single pages for the various projects but only links to their official website. For those who want to know updates and news about Dapp.Review, follow them on their social media, especially on Twitter (account of the overall Dapp.Review website) since it seems to be one of their favourite channels. To learn more about other DeFi projects we suggest visiting our portal regularly. We share weekly reviews of DeFi projects and sometimes comparisons of DeFi wallets, exchanges, debit cards and so on. Have a great weekend and enjoy DeFi!