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Certus One Has Deep Skin In Staking and Validating Market

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The Blockchain industry after 11 years is growing rapidly to the admiration of those who are observing keenly. In fact, in its wake are varied allied services emerging along with it.

Today, we have numerous projects that have sprung up to provide services like escrows, validators, auditors, staking, and many more. All these services have come to complement the uncountable, and prudent solutions, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is offering humanity today.

Let us take a look at Certus One, and what role they are playing in the revolution to ensure transparency, peer to peer and cheaper transaction when it comes to the exchange of value. At the end of the day, the purpose is to understand this project and how you can leverage it for your Blockchain journey.

What Is Certus One?

The builders of Certus One describe the project as the premier validator for distributed ledger technologies. Making use of the enterprise architecture and exclusive tech, it offers incredible performance for Blockchains utilizing the Proof of Stake Consensus Mechanism. 

According to the team, they believe in pushing the boundaries and promoting the dependability, safety and performance of Blockchain networks. These are a model, which is very critical in the life cycle of every design in the ecosystem.

In 2017, Certus introduced validator architecture and started to examine answers that would move pass enterprise specifications. The breakthrough came with a highly secure, and safe validator infrastructure.

Certus One maintains its core values are: Operational Excellence, Cutting-Edge Architecture, Core Code and Security, Tool and Libraries, Mission Driven Engineering and Community Contributions. Their focus is to build a future where enterprises, non-profit organizations, and public institutions can apply Blockchain technology just like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform to satisfy their customers and formulate decentralized systems.

The platform renders services to digital asset exchanges, protocols, custodians, enterprises and investment funds. All these entities rely on the project for services like Delegation, Validator + Support and SignOs. We are going to dig deeper into these services and how some of these companies access them. But before that, it is vital to look at some of the companies making use of the services.

With offices in San Francisco and Berlin, so far, $120 million is currently staked on the platform. Projects like Cosmos, IRISnet, Solana, Terra, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and DigitalOcean are using Certus. It also has a pending certification by ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type I.


Certus asserts that to minimize your slashing risk, it is a must to use their cutting edge 3rd generation Multi-Validator Architecture for delegation. It earns you compensations Secure and reliable ways. 

Before delegating, you need to go through the most vigorous diligence methods. Under this process, over $30 million, at the time of writing this report is in staking.

Cosmos has over $21 million; Solana is hovering around $5 Million; There are more than half a million dollars under IRISnet, while Terra controls well over $3 million on the Certus One Delegate services. In the pipeline is Ethereum, Near and Skale joining the service. 

Validator + Support

When it comes to Validator and Support Services, the platform has a reputation for extending turnkey solution created for public institutions, non-profit organizations and enterprises. The focus is to decrease 

expenditure and intricacies faced in the operations of outfits.

There are several services like Validator Architecture Selection and Set-up, White Label Deployment, Physical Hardware and Cloud, Sentry Set-up for Redundancy and Resilience, DDOS Protection, System Administration, Operations, Alerting and Reporting, Performance Testing and Tuning, Maintenance and Updating, Proprietary Key Management, Auditable Reporting and Compliance among others.

There is also professional supports, for example, Single Point of Contact for Support, Troubleshooting, Deep Technical Knowledge – Low-Level Systems Engineering and Operations, Governance Decision Consulting, 24/7/365 NOC Monitoring, Security and Compliance Management, plus many more.


Certus One calls SignOs a revolutionary! It is a Key Management Service (KMS) software that provides the security assurances of a physical HSM in a cloud or hybrid cloud environment, per their description. It ensures the setting up and administering a profoundly accessible and secure validator as straightforward as stationing an AWS situation.

SignOS possesses no hardware and operates on full-cloud and hybrid-cloud validators, which means, there is no need to go to the data center to fix a node. It is Multi-chain assisted with individual deployment that spins up a validator in a few seconds to connect to the system.

For enterprises, the custom access control module empowers them to accustom SignOS to their processes. They can also add a new chain in the web interface and granular RBAC.

To learn more about Certus one, join their communities and social media platforms and take a look at the source code here:

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