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Aragon: Build the community of your dreams

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Aragon offers internet communities great power to organize around shared values and resources. Aragon gives you the ability to collaborate with guys worldwide and work towards a common goal. You can team up with anyone from anywhere.

You can also track how your funds are being utilized within the community and being used within the agreeable limits. Additionally, it symbolizes organizations where everyone shares in the common goal and participates in a collective group decision making.

Daily, communities use Aragon for fundraising, managing finances, and rewarding contributors. With Aragon, you can incentivize willing contributors to join your community and work together. It also allows you to raise funds from people anywhere linked by shared values. Financial decisions are also made with transparency and group participation.  All those who can use Aragon include virtual worlds, subreddits, hacker collectives, decentralized finance protocols, and fashion houses. The purpose is to boost the communities to higher levels.

Aragon is a package of applications and services that allow new forms of global communities. Communities can organize capital assets, currency, or tokens, which will increase value as more people hold and use the asset for participation within the community. By offering the tools for people to turn an organization, cause, or even just a meme into its economy can unlock a long tail of DAOs that are not exclusively restricted to protocols.

Aragon offers more than just essential financial tools such as tokenization but can create reproducible and widely applicable templates to define the community boundaries. A DAO is a cluster of people with no central management that coordinates via the internet around a shared set of rules for a common goal. 


Decentralized autonomous organizations are the next frontier of human coordination. It is decentralized with no central leadership. Decisions are made using the bottom-up approach. As for autonomy, the idea takes on a life of its own and can incentivize others to make itself happen. An organization can have its own rules, such as how to manage its funds. 

Online communities have affected our day to day lives. People share and discuss world-changing ideas within the communities. DAOs are an inclusive, transparent, and global system for human co-operation. DAOs bring superpowers to online communities and enable them to:

  • Attract and incentivize contributors
  • Pool funds 
  • Govern those funds together. DAOs allow people to channel common funds towards common goals collectively.

Online communities are like open green fields where people can walk around to meet others, talk, share ideas, and play fun games. DAOs enable people to turn these fields into more permanent and productive spaces where strangers can trust one another and make decisions as a group.

Aragon Network Token

Digital assets can be volatile and risky. The price of ANT denominated across several pairs will vary, and one can end up losing a significant amount of funds. This is the authentic token of the Aragon network. It is used to back work tokens for dedicated network services and is also a governance token for managing the overall system.

Work tokens offer access to specific economic protocols. They are designed to align incentives and provide holder chances for earning income or some other financial benefit. By linking demand for service to ANT, the Aragon network can benefit from the success of the services it develops. ANT holders can also directly say in the evolution of the system by getting involved in governance.

Compound (COMP) $ 156.53
Maker (MKR) $ 497.12
Synthetix Network Token (SNX) $ 4.63
Aave (LEND) $ 0.563969
Kyber Network (KNC) $ 1.08
0x (ZRX) $ 0.427676
Band Protocol (BAND) $ 6.31
REN (REN) $ 0.251020
Ampleforth (AMPL) $ 0.814147
Loopring (LRC) $ 0.263854
Thorchain (RUNE) $ 0.524046
Balancer (BAL) $ 21.26
Bancor Network Token (BNT) $ 0.989386
Kava (KAVA) $ 2.42
Augur (REP) $ 15.09
Tellor (TRB) $ 31.35
pNetwork (PNT) $ 0.615553
Meta (MTA) $ 2.86
Melon (MLN) $ 41.67
Curve DAO Token (CRV) $ 1.28