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5 Crypto Projects that can make x10 in 2021

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Today we would like to present 5 crypto projects to invest in 2021 to make huge profits, considering that these are serious projects with respectable teams that have a very low valuation right now! This is a personal selection based on extensive research and only includes serious tokens, not tokens that are destined to pump & dump and then disappear. In our opinion, all listed projects will be up and running in 5, 10 or 50 years. In short, long-term tokens that can change people’s lives! Let’s get started!

5 Crypto Projects that will explode in 2021

PNT by pNetwork: Definitely my favourite project. The token was launched as EDO by Wallet EIDOO in a 2017 ICO that raised over $20 million. Unfortunately, in the strong January 2018 DUMP it started to lose value, but then in 2020 it did something amazing to get back on top: it merged with pNetwork giving birth to a new token: PNT! This token is the foundation of the entire pNetwork project, a project that works with hundreds of other projects to help them move between different chains. pNetwork is in fact a cross-chain leader and operates on 9 different blockchains, helping ERC20 tokens become BEP20 tokens, helping move NFTs from the Ethereum blockchain onto the Binance Smart Chain and much more. The project generates very significant earnings from asset peg-out FEEs and these fees are redistributed among the various validator nodes (currently 10). The nodes have earned 80k USD in the last 30 days. Finally, pNetwork also has a debit card called the Eidoo Card. In short, a project in continuous development that is currently VERY undervalued!

Fully Diluted MarketCap – Current: 112M | Target: 1-2B 

IDLE by Idle Finance: A spectacular project that we reviewed last year and continues to grow day by day. A great way to keep your stablecoins safe while earning significant yields during the bear phases of crypto markets. IDLE currently has $173 million in TVL and offers APY yields of up to 29% (variable percentage). IDLE collaborates with many important projects in the DeFi landscape such as Yearn Finance, Harvest Finance and so on. At the moment the token is, in my opinion, very undervalued and could soon explode again. The price had exceeded $30 and then stabilized at around $10. IDLE will certainly be listed on important exchanges in the coming months, as the team is top tier and Consensys is also an investor. 

Fully Diluted MarketCap – Current: 156M | Target: 1-2B 

POOL by PoolTogether: Another super underrated project that will explode sooner or later. The token was launched only a few weeks ago via an Airdrop distributed to users who have used the platform in the past. A serious team always active on Discord and a project that has everything it takes to become the world’s number one crypto project in the lottery industry. In the days of the launch, the token touched even 60-70 dollars per token, while now it is around 16 dollars. A project that will be present on exchanges like Binance or Coinbase much sooner than we expect. You’ll see!

Fully Diluted MarketCap – Current: 162M | Target: 1-2B

FST by FutureSwap: This decentralized exchange has only been active for a few months but is already generating very large volumes. Some will say that its 700M fully diluted valuation is already very high but in my opinion this project is one of those that will be worth 5-10B in the future. FutureSwap allows for long and short trading on the Ethereum pair and has a liquidity pool of 55M USD. It seems that as the pool grows to 200M the slippage will be lower than that of Binance! Considering that the next version of the project will be released in a few weeks and that there will be many more PAIRs available, we think the token will explode! 

Fully Diluted MarketCap – Current: 750M | Target: 7-10B

PUSH by EPNS: Last on the list is also the newest token: Push! It is the governance token of the Ethereum Push Notification Service, a project that has been active for years and aims to become the leader in push notifications for Ethereum wallets. The project is supported by many crypto companies such as Binance Labs, Uniswap, Aave, MakerDao and so on. In our opinion, this project will soon become a standard in the crypto world and its token will rise to very high levels. And if you consider that Binance is also one of the investors, you will surely understand that sooner or later the token will be listed on their exchange too! Push can also be staked in a 100-week program (currently active for 3-4 weeks). 

Fully diluted MarketCap – Current: 367M | Target: 1-3B

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Chainlink (LINK) $ 20.06
yearn-finance (YFI) $ 24,496.00
Aave [OLD] (LEND) $ 2.07
Uniswap (UNI) $ 17.11
Synthetix Network Token (SNX) $ 6.11
UMA (UMA) $ 10.57
Compound (COMP) $ 220.57
Maker (MKR) $ 2,558.41
Wrapped NXM (WNXM) $ 65.00
0x (ZRX) $ 0.876963
Loopring (LRC) $ 2.11
REN (REN) $ 0.734057
Kyber Network Crystal Legacy (KNCL) $ 1.43
Numeraire (NMR) $ 37.53
Band Protocol (BAND) $ 6.09
Terra (LUNA) $ 65.29
yfii-finance (YFII) $ 2,797.15
Sushi (SUSHI) $ 5.79
Balancer (BAL) $ 16.23
THORChain (RUNE) $ 8.54
Reserve Rights Token (RSR) $ 0.036766
Ampleforth (AMPL) $ 0.915876
Nest Protocol (NEST) $ 0.008021
Serum (SRM) $ 4.26
Keep Network (KEEP) $ 0.727018
Augur (REP) $ 17.31
Curve DAO Token (CRV) $ 3.73
Kava (KAVA) $ 3.98
Bancor Network Token (BNT) $ 3.44
JUST (JST) $ 0.061835
Gnosis (GNO) $ 404.52
ForTube (FOR) $ 0.068716
Cream (CREAM) $ 28.82
Enzyme (MLN) $ 89.56
Tellor (TRB) $ 38.30
Akropolis (AKRO) $ 0.025706
IDEX (IDEX) $ 0.278233
Nectar (NEC) $ 0.115536
bZx Protocol (BZRX) $ 0.279691
AirSwap (AST) $ 0.334002
Switcheo (SWTH) $ 0.010585
Orion Protocol (ORN) $ 6.65
dForce Token (DF) $ 0.154266
mStable Governance Token: Meta (MTA) $ 1.05
pNetwork (PNT) $ 0.992919